Friday, 17 July 2015

New Name and New Beginnings

So Crazy Mother Runner is getting a makeover and growing into Susurrous Health.  I've decided rather than completely reinventing myself I will build on what I started.  I do like a lot of the content I had and I also think that as a chronicle of my journey some of my past is important.  Over the summer I will be cleaning up the blog and posting mainly recipes as well as tales from my travels.

Once September rolls around I will be posting three topics on a regular basis; recipes, fitness and personal development.  These three topics will cover what I am aiming to address through my business - fitness and nutrition for the mind, body and spirit.

I am very excited about the next steps in my journey and hope that you find my stories entertaining if not useful.  None of us are true experts at this whole thing called life, but if we enter into each day with an open heart and mind and are willing to share with others we can create something beautiful.