Sunday, 20 May 2012

Back after an unitended break

No - I didn't have a computer melt down... just an exceptionally busy month.  I knew before the month of May began that I would be busy... I just didn't think I would have to miss out on things I love. 

In the first three weeks of May in addition to my regular job which has felt really busy lately I also taught 14 classes, organized a running race, celebrated my daughter's birthday and completely reorganized my house. 

This is the long weekend so I decided to get away with the girls and hang out and have some fun!!!  We packed the kids up and went here....

We are staying at the Hampton which is an ok hotel, but we have a waterpark pass and spent the afternoon in the waterpark downtown.  The girls are exhausted... which is perfect for all of us to hopefully sleep in.  We'll hit it tomorrow before heading home.

Hopefully when I get back to my super clean house... I'll catch up on all my great posting ideas!

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