Sunday, 6 May 2012

Tommy Europe Boot Camp in Toronto

Yesterday I headed into the city with Gina and Katherine to the Tommy Europe Boot Camp.  The boot camp was taking place at the Optimize Health Expo and the Toronto Marathon race kit pick up.  You'd think with all of that going on the expo would be really busy, but it wasn't.  This was really nice because we had time to stroll through and enjoy a lot of the booths.

I tried tons of free samples - tofu, energy bars, raw chocolate, coconut butter.  I have to say this was one of the best expos I've been to.

If you've ever watched the Slice network in Canada, you know who Tommy Europe is.  Tommy has two shows Bulging Brides and the Last Ten Pounds.  He whips women into shape with tough workouts, yelling at them in a mega phone.  The women usually swear at him and tell him they hate him.  But in the end after they've lost the weight they are all mushy gushy and love him.

Gina had been to one of Tommy's boot camps before and loved it, so she convinced Katherine and I to sign up for it.  We all started out in this rather smallish room for the number of people working out.  Tommy gave a little pep talk and lead us out to the public corridor - that was where we were working out.

At first I wasn't thrilled about working out in such a public place.  I know I'm a runner and usually run outside, but here people could stop and watch.  I couldn't run away.  It felt a little exhibitionist.  But Tommy and his crew had a way of pumping up everybody.  There was a DJ.  Tommy had his megaphone.  And once the workout began I really didn't care... I was way to busy sweating.

This was an awesome workout - not only was Tommy engaging and enthusiastic.  But he had eight other trainers working around the room correcting form, encouraging and demoing the exercises.  Tommy also hopped off the stage and worked with people one on one.

 I had such a great time with my girls and got a major sweat on.  I realized I'm a total push up wimp and am going to try to do push ups in more of my workouts.  But this boot camp was super fun - so much so that I bought the t-shirt!

We also got a ton of free energy bars and a magazine... I don`t know about you - but I love free stuff!

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