Monday, 1 October 2012

Weekly Menu Planning

Laura at Mommy Run Fast and Jill at Fitness, Health and Happiness have created a forum for everyone to share their weekly menu planning ideas.  I've started to get back into the habit of planning out my family's weekly dinners simply because it makes life a lot easier and prevents me from ordering take out.  So win-win healthier meals and saving some money.

I also have a few wrinkles in meal time preparation because I am vegetarian but my husband and oldest daughter eat meat and my youngest just told me this week past that she doesn't want to eat meat.  So a bit of a balancing act.. I need to teach my youngest daughter that if she is not eating meat, she needs to make sure she eats the proper amount of protein and not solely from cheese.

Right now I am only going to plan dinner, not breakfast and lunch.  I am going to incorporate leftovers and salads into my lunches and typically oatmeal or cereal for breakfast.  I don't know about you, but I often go through stages where I will have smoothies everyday for breakfast for about two months then switch to something else.  Currently my breakfast of choice for those of your who are interested is apple, cinnamon oatmeal - it is so good even my husband a non oatmeal eater loves it.

But back to the weekly menu...

Monday - vegetarian chili - for everyone (wish me luck) with salad and tea biscuits
Tuesday - chicken, rice and green beans - I run so I usually eat later and will eat leftovers or a salad
Wednesday - stuffed shells and salad
Thursday - pumpkin soup & grilled vegetable sandwiches
Friday - build your own pizza (based on this recipe)


  1. So glad you're linking up! The veggie- meat balance is tricky... my husband eats meat as well, and my daughter can go either way (she's 2!). Veggie chili is usually a hit! I guess I'm lucky that my husband will eat meatless the majority of the time, but he does request meat about once a week, and we throw something in. I also eat fish, so that's sometimes an easy compromise!

  2. I love grilled veggie sandwiches! Want to share your recipe :) Off to check out your veg chili. Thanks for linking up!