Monday, 1 October 2012

September Foodie Pen Pal Reveal!

The Lean Green Bean

Time for Foodie Pen Pals!!  This month past I was paired up with Kara.  Kara lives not too far from me - about a 45 minute drive from me.... in Justin Beiber's hometown for a reference. 

Anyway she sent me an amazing package of items from Ontario... but they were all things I had not tried before.

The first thing, I could smell even before I saw what was in the parcel was chocolate... not just any chocolate but...Chocosol this kind was hemp and sea salt.  It was as expected... delicious!  I managed to make the chocolate bar last me a whole week... talk about self control.

The second item was Arvinda's madras masala.  I've never tried this spice blend before.  I've looked at them many times, but never tried it before.  I didn't have time to try the suggested recipes, but I did add it to pumpkin seeds before roasting them.  These spices were amazing and so much better than the masala spices I had been cooking with before a perfect blend of spice and a little bit of heat.

The third item was Barrie's Asparagus pasta.  Kara said that this was what she was most excited about sending.  I couldn't agree with her more.  I made a pasta dish combining tomatoes, pumpkin, mushrooms and a bunch of other stuff turning it into this...

the pasta was delicious - I tried some before I added the sauce as well.

Thanks again Kara - awesome goodies!

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