Sunday, 2 June 2013

It's Not You, It's Me.

I've admitted that I've been a huge wimp over the past few months and ran on the treadmill a lot.  But with the weather finally turning warm, I've ran outside more often.  I'm gradually building up my distance and my goal is to be running 10k by June 15th.  Last weekend I ran a lovely 8.5k outside and was feeling quite confident in myself to easily reach my goal.

So yesterday I planned my run.  It was raining and I was not in the mood to go outside (I really am made of sugar).  I headed to the gym armed with a spectacular play list and the intention of running 6 miles, just under 10k.  What could go wrong.

I started off very slow for speed 6.2 mph.  I decided that I would increase by 0.2 or 0.3 mph every mile.  Here's my synopsis of how the run went....

Mile 1 - time in 9:45.  Thought running through my head - 'Wow that was really slow.  This playlist isn't as great as I thought it was.  Should I just run 5 miles instead of 6? No - stick it out do 6.'

Mile 1.25 - Thought - 'I'm only running 5. Yes definitely 5 miles.'

Mile 1.45 - Thought - 'JJ Grey & Mofro, The Sun is shining down - why did I put this song on my playlist - its a great song but maybe I would appreciate it more if I was sitting on a porch.... drinking beer.  Yes beer is good.'

Mile 1.77 - Thought - 'Why can't I get into this run?  Do I need better music.  Should I change playlists?'

Mile 1.99 - Thought - 'Good in a few seconds I get to press a button and increase my speed to 6.8.'

Mile 2.13 - Thought - 'Maybe I should turn the TV on.  I can't reach the remote. Never mind.  Thinking of TV - do I like the new Arrested Development?  Its weird seeing the actors older. I wonder what I will look like in 10 years?  I think I look better than I did at 27, but maybe not.'

Mile 2.56 - Thought - 'Are those my feet making so much noise.  I sound like an elephant.  Soft feet, soft feet, soft feet - I should go for a pedicure.'

Mile 2.99 - Thought - 'Good - time to push a button again - up to 7.0.'

Mile 3.07 - Thought - 'Back to Arrested Development - does Portia de Rossi look better with short or long hair?  She's gorgeous either way.  Speaking of hair, I have had highlights and no one has noticed.  They're quite light... does this mean people don't like it and are just being polite? Who cares - I like them and its summer.  But really, no one has said anything.'

Mile 3.25 - Thought - 'Let's make this a game.  I need to get into the run.  Ok - pretend you're on a track.  Seven more times around the track.  Speed work would be better than this treadmill today.'

Mile 3.43 - Thought - 'I haven't even made one lap.  This game is stupid.'

Mile 3.56 - Thought - 'Another JJ Grey & MoFro song, Beautiful World.  Great song.  Not great for this run.  I wish I was on my deck or a patio and the sun was shining.  Hmmmm deck or patio.  I like beer.  How many calories are in a Corona.  I should google that when I get home.'

Mile 3.75 - Thought - `Finally - a good song.  Cold War Kids - Miracle Mile.  How many times would I have to hear this song if I listened to it for the rest of this endless run?'

Mile 4.0 - Thought - 'Ohhh good time to push a button.  7.2 - why does this feel so fast.  Should I hang on to the handle bars?  That would look dumb.  Besides it doesn't count.  Suck it up and run.'

Mile 4.28 - Thought - 'This song is ok - maybe I don't need to hear it a third time.'

Mile 4.5 - Thought - 'Hey two more times around the track.'

Mile 4.67 - Thought - 'Maybe I should go that extra mile.  Screw that - you're almost done.'

Mile 4.75 - Thought - 'One more lap.'

Mile 4.76 - Thought - 'Seriously that's as far as I've gotten?'

Mile 4.80 - Thought - 'Let's count down from 20.'

Mile 4.96 - Thought - 'Should I go that extra.... NO!'

Mile 5.0 - Thought 'Thank God.'

This workout is what I`m chalking up to a character building experience.  I got through it.  From now one I will run long distance outside.  I still have to run 10k but I will happen - just not on a treadmill.

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