Saturday, 25 May 2013

Kids Stuff and Pretty Things

I'm going to start this post by saying I love being a mom.  Usually a statement like this follows up with a giant but.  But no but.

I love watching them forming their own thoughts about the world around them. I love watching them playing their games and trying their best.

I love watching my kids in their activities when it is warm, but not hot, freezing cold, crowded, raining or snowing. 

Here is the way I'll be spending my Tuesday and Friday evenings for the next 3 months... by the way it was quite chilly last evening.

So as much as I love my children and right now I'm attempting to savour as much growth and development as I can there are times where I just don't want to hear Farily Odd Parents first thing in the morning or step over toys in every single room of my house.  I know this won't last for ever and its my mantra at times. 

So here is my saving grace, it's cheesy and I'll admit it.  Running.  In preparation for training for the Road2Hope half I have been pre-training.  I'm working on one 5k run a week at my race pace and gradually building myself up to running 10k.  Through this training I realized how much running helped me not need my 'not lasting forever' mantra.

But despite how much running saves my sanity and helps me be a better mother sometimes a girl just needs something nice.  Check out my new purse. 

I decided to treat myself to this.  I had a rather subdued birthday this year.  Not like this or this from years past.  Mother`s day was cold and not as relaxing as I would have liked.  So a little retail therapy helped out.

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