Friday, 17 January 2014

Welcome to 2014 and a Clean Slate

So 2013 came and went.  I did accomplish a lot of things.  I just didn't publish them here. 

A quick break down of what happened - I didn't compete in any races. I did do some travelling - New York, Ottawa & St. Augustine.  I got a new job with a lot of opportunities. 

I have kept up on my running and have found a renewed love of yoga.  I only completed on of my 2013 running challenges - to do the Wellington Warrior Challenge. 

Looking forward I have signed up for the Marden Half Marathon on April 12th.  And have committed myself to deepening my yoga practise by practicing daily and attending at least one class a week at the studio I teach at - Awareness Yoga

But most importantly I have committed to posting 2 days a week through a group on a website forum through Live Your Legend.  This website is devoted to motivating and inspiring people to do amazing things in their lives. I have followed this group for sometime now and used their goal setting workbood for the past three years. 

So focusing on the future I am pretty excited about the possibilities of 2014. My intention is to regularly post and let everyone know all of the cool things I have been up to and have in store for myself! Here's an example.... I am embracing the frigid temperatures but more importantly the beauty of winter by skating outside on my lunch.  

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