Monday, 21 September 2015

Finding Your Space

I am fortunate to have a place like this to visit on a regular basis.  My husband's family owns a beautiful cottage on Lake Huron  and we get a chance to share this place among Aunts, siblings and cousins.  At this cottage, like most vacations spots you have the opportunity to slow down, sit and just be still for a while.  There is no phone; cell reception is spotty so technology distractions are minimal.  A huge part of what makes this cottage so relaxing and  allows you to escape from everyday distractions is that you are surrounded by nature.  In my case at this cottage, it is one of our Great Lakes.  But anytime we are outside around trees, water and plants feeling the sun and breeze on our skin we can remind ourselves of the calming effects of nature and the importance of immersing ourselves in it.

At the cottage the sound of the waves, sometimes stronger than other times constantly lapping the shore can always be heard.  There are the sounds and sights of birds and plenty of places to sit.  When I'm here I do exactly that, sit, listen to the waves and watch the birds.  I walk on the beach with my daughters searching for treasures from the sea and just slowing down.  Of course in among finding time for quiet reflection and relaxing, there is always picture taking.  I think a lot of people, take photos on our phones.  I know I am certainly one of them.  This constant connection can be both a blessing and a curse.  We are always available unless we turn our phones to airplane mode but the pictures we take while on vacation are easily accessed when we're home.  More importantly these pictures can help us reconnect to the feeling we have while on vacation.
I've been thinking about how important it is for all of us to slow down beyond our vacations.  Sometimes we need a place to escape to just to shut down for a bit.  It doesn't have to be as far away as my family cottage (although it is nice).  The escape can be to a park, your back deck, front porch or even your phone - yes I said phone.  The idea is that this is your time and place to just shut down for 30 seconds to 5 minutes and just sit in quiet or as much quiet as possible focussing on sights of nature.

We can find our own personal spaces to take a breather.  I have spots in some of the parks in my neighbourhood and on both my front porch and back deck.  Sometimes in these spaces I can hear the sounds of the neighbourhood or my children playing but for those brief few minutes I'm in my own little zone until reality calls me back.  And on cold or rainy days, I always have pictures on my phone or computer to remind me of the amazingly beautiful spot that is at the cottage.  

Although being in a truly natural setting is ideal. For the times when we just can't get away from our desks or go outside to take that deep breath, the images on your phone will help.  So for those times when you feel a little harried and when you feel like you need a break, remind yourself why it is important for you to take some time - even 30 seconds if it is all you can afford time wise.  Sit in as quiet of a space you can find and look at something peaceful.  

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