Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Wednesday Workout - Quick and Dirty Cardio

Sometimes, like everyone else, I am pressed for time.  But it is important to still get in a workout.  On ideal days, I try to exercise for a minimum of an hour - usually more. But there are days were that amount of time to dedicate to a workout is an absolute luxury.  Time that I don't have.  On those days, I have my go-to cardio workout that combines plyometrics with  some body weight exercises.  In total this workout depending on how intense I feel like working out takes about 7-8 minutes.  That's it, but it is intense so pacing is key as is taking breaks when needed.

I also like to use this segment in between weight lifting or trx sets for a bit of additional cardio and to add some variety to my workout.  And the great thing about this combination is that it requires no equipment and can be done anywhere - your basement gym, hotel room, back yard (you get the idea).

So here is the breakdown.  After a warm up such as this....

1 squat
1 jumping jack
1 burpee
1 push up

2 squats
2 jumping jacks
2 burpees
2 push ups

and so on all the way to 10 of each exercise

If I'm feeling really up to pushing myself, I will count back down.  But that rarely happens as I'm pretty tired by the end of this.  

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