Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Workout Wednesday - My Favourite Cross Training

I love running and yoga.  I talk about these two activities constantly.  Running for being my favourite cardio workout and yoga for stretching and strengthening.  But the most effective way that I have experienced to provide overall body strength is hands down TRX.  I'm not receiving any promotional benefits from TRX to say that or any of the positive things related to TRX, I truly believe that is one of the best workouts out there.

Out of all of the classes I teach, TRX is the one I teach most often.  I have been teaching TRX for 5 years now.  Most of the students I began teaching with from my very first TRX class are still with me.  Watching the participants work on TRX straps over the sessions of each class, I notice major changes in their body within a few weeks of taking the class and that is only doing the class once a week for most people.

What makes TRX such an effect way of working out is the fact that it truly is a functional exercise.  While you are doing each of the movements, it is crutial that you remain in proper form to avoid injury.  That means that during your set of movement; core engagement and properly setting your shoulders, pelvis and legs are key to getting the fullest benefit from the move.  Setting the proper foundation in your body with your entire body engages every stabilizing muscle and not just the target muscle.  Workouts that involve the entire body being engaged, help mimic real life scenarios more closely than isolated exercises.

TRX is also one of those exercises that can be done anywhere.  If you choose to invest in a set of straps you can take them anywhere, inside, outside, hotels rooms, parks, you get the idea.  But there are also TRX classes that you can join for proper instruction and to workout in a group setting. 

So that's my plug for TRX.  Over the next few weeks, I will be showcasing my favourite and most effective moves and workouts.

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