Friday, 12 August 2011

New Shoes!!!

A while ago I wrote about having 9 pairs of running shoes and saying I was due for a new pair.  I was having a debate about whether I would get a new pair of Nike's or try something else.  I decided to completely abandon Nike's at least for the next little while because this happened to my latest pair.

If you look closely at the top shoe - I've been kicking my self.... literally.  Most of my shoes have wear in this spot.  But this is by far the worst it has ever been on a pair of shoes.  I have worn these shoes shoes less than 15 times.  The sad thing is I love these shoes I waited about 6 weeks for these to come in.  Nonetheless the shoes are now going to be used for short runs and step class.

So I went to Grand Riving Running and spent an hour having my gait checked and trying on shoes.  I still pronate so I need stability shoes.  I over analyzed this purchase so much that I went back after I had bought the shoes just to check out my second choice.  I went back and forth between saucony and mizuno shoes.  In the end the mizunos won out.  I've worn these shoes a few times and I love them.  So here's to not kicking myself and just running.

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