Saturday, 10 September 2011

Back on Track

Okay.... I took it easy this summer.... really easy.  I ate, drank and was merry.  I still ran, but not as much as usual.  But I am back into the swing of things.  I have signed up for a half marathon clinic and am just ending week four.  The focus of this clinic is more speed based than distance based which is a bit of a departure from my previous training schedule.  But all of this is good for me... at least that's what I keep telling myself.  Actually I am enjoying pushing myself more than I had through the summer.  It does give me a sense of accomplishment to make it to the top of my sixth hill and realize that I am not going to throw up despite how I felt at the mid way point.

I had mentioned a while ago that I would be running a full marathon in Greece this fall.  So I have been trying to do the half marathon clinic and attempt to get my long run distance in over the weekend.  So far its going ok.  I think I mentioned that I will be running the marathon with Rick and Tracey.  Tracey described our "race plan" perfectly - as a sight seeing tour.  That's exactly how I'm looking at it.  I still have enough respect for the marathon distance to know that I need to get my long training runs in as well.  Its all about balance... and maintaining my sanity.  I know their company will help during the race.

The other side of training, this summer I got really serious about yoga.  I signed up for an early morning class Thursdays at 6 am.  I've decided to continue with that class and take another one - vinyasa flow.  I am totally excited. I have just completed the Yoga Journal 21 day challenge as well.  Three weeks of yoga everyday.  I can't believe how much better my whole body feels.  Here is the link  in case anyone is interested in checking it out.

Back to the running side of things.  I have a few races before my half marathon and marathon planned.  I'll fill you in on them as I complete them.  It will be interesting after over a year of not running any distance under 21k how I do in a 10k again.  I'll keep you posted...

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