Saturday, 17 September 2011

I'm Alive!!!

Well people I did it.  No - not a monumental race or a spectacular p.b.  but simply put a training run.  I ran 27k this morning.  Anyone who has trained for a marathon must be thinking big deal - I hope you're running 27k your ARE planning to run 42.2 if you want to finish a marathon- duh!

What made this run feel like an accomplishment was the fact that I ran the 27k in one run.  Because I have been taking a half marathon clinic and due to family obligations and schedule conflicts I have been splitting my long run in half.  I will go out with the half marathon group and run our 'long' run then come home and then go out again in the afternoon and run the remainder of my marathon long distance run. 

The above method allows me to get my total marathon mileage in, but gives me a huge and unrealistic break in my long run.  I have also been running the first part of the long run distance at a much faster pace than my marathon pace, but still slower than my half marathon pace.  Its making sense in my head although I'd understand if your eye's are glazing over.

I ran this training run with Rick, Tracey and Simon.  These peeps are my original running friends so it was like old times being out with them.  I hadn't realized how much I missed their humor and being able to say whatever was on my mind at the time.  It certainly makes running that distance easier.

I also forgot to send out a huge congratulations to these three plus two others - Gina and Larry for an awesome race  couple of weeks ago.  Rick and Simon raced the Guelph Lake duathalon, Larry raced the tri-sprint and Tracey and Gina raced the try-a-tri.  Everyone did amazing especially considering they were competing in less than ideal conditions.  For some reason, the weather was uncharacteristically hot and humid for that time of year.  I want to send an extra special congratulations to Gina and Tracey who placed second and third respectively in their age categories.  You guys rock!

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