Friday, 27 July 2012

Change of Plans... off to the beach!

So like I mentioned earlier in the week, the interior trip in Algonquin is cancelled... but lucky for us... the family cottage was open!  This cottage is shared with Dan's whole family - Aunts and Uncle's included so its pretty awesome to have a weekend free! 

As much as I'll miss the Canadian shield, loons and solitude to the open lakes this weekend, I am thrilled at the thought of the big water in Lake Huron and the cozy surroundings at the cottage.  The first time I went to the cottage was with Dan and his parents, while I was there, Dan's mom commented that she had never seen me so relaxed.

I am absolutely going to do that this weekend... sun, sand, a good book.... after teaching 30 classes in 27 days its time to recharge.

After my last class with my semi private group this morning, the girls and I made this breakfast.

Its my pancake recipe with delicious blueberries. The perfect way to kick off the weekend!

I'll be posting pictures of the beach, special recipes and other fun stuff from this weekend next week.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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