Sunday, 22 July 2012

Riverboat Fantasy... in Bobcaygeon

Last weekend we rented a house boat and took the girls and my parents for a tour around the Trent Sevren waterway. I've never really been on a boat before, with the exception of my canoe - so this was an entirely different experience.

On the first night when we were anchored next to a marsh I could totally get the appeal of boating.  It was beautiful.

On Saturday morning we searched and searched for a sand bar to swim at.  After an hour of looking, we finally found it.  This was so cool - we were at least 2km from shore and swimming in gorgeous water.  We had the entire area to ourselves for over an hour.

After that, we headed off to Bobcaygeon and the locks.  I will say two things about our experience going through the locks... 1 - very stressful experience to manouvour around really expensive boats and 2 - the owners of the very expensive boats are very friendly and amazingly helpful.  And to add a third - the operators at the locks are also very helpful and patient.

Bobcaygeon was quite pretty, but there was no room to stay so we headed back out to anchor next to a rather remote island where the girls and my dad were able to fish while I hid inside the boat and tried not to think too hard about the fish being pulled out of the water by their mouths.

We also saw other wild life...

This was a really fun trip.  I love hearing loons in the evenings and mornings.  The boats are a great way to get around, but I was happy to not be driving.  Thankfully my husband and father both have their boating licenses and were happy to be behind the wheel. 

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