Monday, 20 May 2013

Happy Victoria Day!!!

I celebrated the unofficial start to summer in typical hardy Canadian style this year... yes people - I went camping.  Way back in the day pre-mother days I used to go away every Victoria Day weekend.  There was the typical mix of wonderful weather, soggy tents, mosquitoes the size of humming birds with the sprinkling of snow.  All of my long weekend 'hardiness' ended one sad trip...the final straw for going away on the May long weekend was a freezing cold weekend we went away with another couple - and their two year old and crying screaming new born.  We were trapping in the middle of nowhere for 3 TORTUOUS days.  After that fiasco I decided to pack it in and stay put doing something useful - like gardening on the long weekend.

That is until this year, I really just wanted to get away.  So we packed up and headed to Killarney. I've posted about staying in Killarney before - it is my favourite provincial park.  So how did it rate this year - well not as busy at this time of year.  It was still beautiful as always- quartz and granite rock faces gorgeous lakes..... crazy long weekend traffic to get there and hair full of black flies. 

I hiked the Granite Ridge trail for and hung out for a while staring at Georgian Bay.

Practised yoga - yes the self gratuitous yoga shots are back.....

.... look I have followers.

My girls bravely swam to the buoys and back on a $5 bet.

Sadly we had rain the day of our planned hike on The Crack - so an old photo.

Instead we headed to Science North in Sudbury for the day.  I actually think the kiddos had more fun there instead.

This morning we packed up early leaving before 8am avoiding most of the major traffic.  The trailer is unpacked, my sixth load of laundry is almost done, I'm wearing clean clothes and I no longer smell like bug spray or a campfire.  I'm glad we went away - happy we had warm weather but I think I'm good to stay put for a few Victoria Day weekends.

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