Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Workout Wednesday - TRX Bridge

Back to the TRX workouts.  Here is number 9 of my favourite TRX moves - the TRX bridge. This exercise isolates the hamstrings, glutes and core just like when you bridge from the ground.  But in the trx straps, you get an added challenge with your feet in the straps because you are creating instability with the move and challenge those deep abdominal muscles to help you stabilize as you work through your range of motion.

For those of you with sensitive knees or really tight hamstrings, you may find this exercise difficult.  If that is the case, do your bridge on the floor, bosu or exercise ball.

Steps to completing a TRX bridge.

  1. Adjust your straps to mid calf length.
  2. Lie facing up, heels in the straps.
  3. Move close enough to your anchor point so the knees are bent approximately 90 degrees.
  4. Engage the core and press your upper back and upper arms into the mat.
  5. Pressing your heels into the straps lift your hips up feeling the hamstrings and the glutes lift through this movement.  Try to create a straight line from the shoulders to the knees.
  6. Lower yourself slowly to the mat.  Try to visualize using your abdominal muscles to control the move down to the mat.
  7. To tie your breathing into the exercise, inhale as you come up off the mat and exhale as you lower.
  8. Complete 8-12 reps doing 1-3 sets.

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