Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Workout Wednesdays - The Importance of Proper Posture

Proper posture - not a specific workout but something that is rarely discussed as an aspect of working out.  Because I teach mainly TRX classes, proper posture is key to ensuring a safe and effective workout, but unless we are reminded of it many people, myself included spend a good part of our day in a hunched position.

One of the because culprits in causing poor posture for most of us is an overly tight chest and a weak over stretched upper back.  It is important to stretch our chest and strengthen our upper back muscles, specifically the lower traps, lats and rhomboids.  The upper back muscles work together to pull the shoulders open and create the openness through the chest that makes everything - including breathing easier.

Without getting into a specific workout, right now your can reset your posture.  Come one try it with me.  Just sit up a little straighter because you've probably started slouching.  Open up the chest, pretend you're sliding your shoulder blades into a pair of pockets and pull the chest outward and upward.  Great you've reset your posture.  Now engage your core slightly.  Perfect.

We need to do this sort of adjustment with our bodies several times throughout the day to off set the closed in habit we tend to form with our chest.  Our lifestyles through activities such as computer work, driving and time on our phones lead to the stooped position that ultimately cause shoulder and neck tension and a whole other array of aches and pains we may deal with on a daily basis.

One really quick way beyond the walk through I gave you a few paragraphs back is from a standing position and can be done at any point throughout the day. To begin, take your palms from facing inward (toward you thighs) and open them outward.  The outward opening rotates the arms through their nature range of motion and engages the shoulder blades instantly reseting your posture.  If you do this reset each time you walk into a certain room and through a doorway, you will reset your posture and may notice that you stay in an engaged position throughout the day.   

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