Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Race Number 7: Guelph Thanksgiving Day Race

The Guelph Thanksgiving Day race is a whole race event.  There is a 10k, 5k and a kids run.  Now anyone who has spent anytime in Guelph over the past few years knows that you can't drive anywhere without running into construction.  The Guelph Victor's host this race and had decided to move it to Exhibition park in Guelph.

The change in venue is good and bad.  Its great if you are doing a family run.  You have a central meeting point.  The park is a great place for kids to play before and after the race.  The post race wrap up is great because it is centrally located.  Its not so good to run a race around and around the same small loop.  Thank God I didn't enter the 10k and only ended up running around the park just under 3 times - otherwise I may have lost my mind.

This was a good race to try to run in my goal time.  The only person I knew running the race was Mike and I didn't have to worry about anyone but myself.  As usual in a race the gun went off and so did everyone else.  I started running around and around and around the park.  At 2k I wanted to quit, but I knew that was normal.  One of my co-workers - Deb came to watch and cheered all 3 times I ran by.  At just over 4k I passed the 74 year old who beat me in the Highland Games 10k.  Coming in on the last stretch I raced a woman and beat her by 1 second.  My official time 25:35 still not under 25 min, but at least getting closer.

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