Monday, 4 July 2011

Race Number 5.... oops Dundas Cactus Run

It appears I forgot a race.  Before I ran the Guelph Downtown Dash and Thanksgiving Day Race, I ran the Dundas Cactus Race.  I ran this race in an attempt to get over my disappointing time in the Highland Games race.  The race was the following Sunday.  My husband and I went to this race and then packed the kids up for a week at the beach.

I met up with Mike and Bob from Grand River Running at this race.  They both posted great times - first in the age groups. 

Me not so much.  Time-wise for this race... I should have left early for the beach.  This race boasts my worst time ever including my very first 5k - 29 min and change.  In my defense, it was hot and humid, but not that hot and humid. After this race, I realized part of the issue with my running races.  Vanity.  I know it seems really stupid.  But I had a horrible finish line picture after my first race. And to show his support, my husband was there at every finish line taking pictures and I didn't want to look that awful on film ever again.

Check out how great I look in the picture.  Nike should be contacting me shortly as a model now that I've released this image.  On the other hand... no fierceness.  Where is my inner warrior??

I've made a deal with the hubs after this race.  No pictures at the finish line and I would race with everything I had.  For the most part he has kept up his end of the deal.

In spite of the crappy time, this race was fun and I would do it again.  I think they have a kids fun run and the race starts and ends in a park which is a great place for families to play.  They other great thing about this race, free alcohol.  I know this isn't uncommon in the States.  But in Canada alcohol isn't offered very often.  You can't drink it in the park or on the way home.  But you do get to take it with you.  Super fun!

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