Saturday, 1 October 2011

My Next Race - The Laurier Loop

As part of my half marathon training schedule my next race is this one... I have ran one race in the Waterloo series before.  They are inexpensive and well run races.  This race is a loop, hence the name.  A 2.5k loop, which means I'll be running around the same course 4 times - not exactly my favourite way to run 10k, but at least I'll know the course quite well by my fourth and last time around.

Over all I'm not feeling as nervous or anxious - yet.  My friend Katherine gave me some techniques to deal with my nerves before the start of the race which I'm going to try out.  Hopefully, all of the training I have been doing will pay off and I'll see an improvement from my last race.

I'll keep you posted....

I also have a ton of new recipes and a protein powder review to post soon too. 

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