Sunday, 16 October 2011

Its Easy Like Sunday Morning

Well maybe not easy, but it certainly was more enjoyable than going out on my own.  Today I did my last long, long training run for my marathon scenic 42.2k tour training in Greece. 

 Here's da proof...

Could this watch be any bigger?  But it does the job consistently.  Anyway, this morning Rick and Tracey picked my up from my warm cozy house before the sun was up to head out for a 30k+ run in Kitchener/Waterloo.  It was perfect weather for running, cool not too windy and the rain that was falling didn't feel that bad.

Tracey did an awesome job - this was her longest run to date and she was smiling after.

She did not run in her crocs
Rick was good company and of course he was smiling he had just spent over 3 hours with two awesome women.

Yes - that $20 is his payment to me for running with him.

All in all I feel pretty good right now - a little tired and that creepy cold feeling you get sometimes when you run in cooler weather, but nothing is too sore or achy - yet.

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