Thursday, 27 October 2011

Happy Halloween - a bit early

So tonight was the group Halloween run at Grand River Running.  I'm not sure what it is about running, but it has brought out some pretty weird stuff in me.... anxiety I never knew existed, an inner warrior that feels the need to race EVERYBODY (even when they don't know I'm racing them) and dressing up.

Since joining the running group I have dressed up as a man - well a combination of three, a beauty pageant contestant - First Runner Up, a Hawaiian girl, a wicked witch and now this....

May I present... a Greek goddess!  I picked this costume to get myself geared up for Athens.  No I will not be running the marathon in this outfit.  The thought did enter my mind, but that wig got hot after a while despite that fact that it was 2 degrees during my run.

Not many people in the group dressed up sadly.  In fact when I walked in the room I was the only person wearing a costume and I was hoping nobody would recognize me with my blond wig.  (FYI - It didn't work).  Thankfully a few more people came dressed up including a Greek god - AKA Bob Reidy.  I did not get a picture of him unfortunately but we made a great couple for the run.  Anyway, my Halloween dress up time is over and its the kids turn. 

It will be a weekend of Halloween fun in our house with a few costume changes. Thankfully we have a house full of dress up clothes so the girls can change their minds at the last minute.  Witch to tooth fairy - no problem. Gee - I wonder who my kids get there urge to dress up from?

We will be bundling up and heading out to the Twilight Zoo this weekend.  If the pictures turn out, I'll post some. Have an awesome weekend!

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