Friday, 7 October 2011

Race Number 9 - I Can't Remember the Name

Back to race recap - After I ran my half marathon, I felt more confident about running a better 10k.  I signed up for a race in Waterloo that for the life of me I cannot remember the name of.  It doesn't matter because to sum this race up.... Worst. Organized.Race.EVER.  I've had a hard time writing this post because for some reason I felt sorry for the volunteers.  But since I don't actually remember the name of the race, I'm not really hacking on anyone that can be identified.

This race simply taught me that even though there may be the big inflated Running Room thing to run under at the start and finish.... if there is no clock, your time does not matter.  I can't say my time that I finished in.  I think I was the second female overall - not that it matters.  The two guys who came in first and second cheated and my husband won a Salute Saint Marie airport hat on my behalf.

But there is always a positive, the best thing to come from this race.... one of my favourite running pictures of myself.

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