Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Workout Wednesday - TRX Jump Squats

Number 6 on my top 10 favourite TRX moves are jump squats.  I love this move because you work through a really deep squat position which activates your glutes in a much deeper engagement when compared to regular squats.  Also you bring a cardio aspect into this move through the jump.  It doesn't take very many of these to begin to 'feel the burn' of lactic acid building in your quads.

Typically I do this move in two ways.  If I'm looking to really work my quads, I will try to jump and land in the same place.  If I'm targeting cardio I will jump forward from my squat position and immediately jump back to the starting point.

How to do jump squats:

  1. Start with your TRX straps in a fully extended position.
  2. Turn to face away from your anchor point.
  3. Tuck the straps underneath your arms and hug the handles in toward you.  Your thumbs should be touching your shoulders.
  4. Leaning into the straps, walk your feet toward your anchor point.
  5. Remain on the balls of your feet and bend your knees until you are in a deep squat position.
  6. Jump to a full standing position bending your knees to cushion your landing.  As mentioned at the start, you can choose to land in the same spot or hop forward and then back.
  7. Repeat for 8-12 reps.  Completing 1-3 sets.

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