Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Workout Wednesday - TRX Push Ups

Number five of my top ten TRX exercises is the TRX push up.  There are a couple variations  out there.  The first is a standing push up, hands in the straps and the other is a push up with the feet in the straps hands on the ground. 

I prefer the standing variation.  Most people of my clients don't have the upper body strength to properly complete a full push up in from the hands on the floor position without jeopardizing their shoulders. The standing push up is a perfect option until the upper body strength is developed.  

While you are building that strength, you can add all kinds of variations to this exercise to make it more challenging.  Feet closer together, on one foot, closer to the anchor point, under the anchor point, elbows tucked in closer to your body - endless options.

Again like all TRX moves, it is critical that the core and upper back remain engaged to support the chest and shoulders through this move.

How to do a TRX push up

  1. Adjust the TRX straps to the fully extended position.
  2. Face away from the anchor point walking out until the straps are taunt.
  3. Walk the feet back to a challenging but 'doable' position for your push up.  i.e. the closer your feet are to the anchor point the more challenging the exerise.
  4. Remain on the balls of your feet.
  5. Lower your upper body bending at the elbows and raise yourself be straightening your arms.
  6. Keep your hands roughly in line with your mat through the duration of the exercise.
  7. Repeat 8-12 reps completing 1-3 sets.

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