Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Birthday Continued

I had originally thought I would do a little bit of shopping yesterday after my run but I ended up hanging out on the couch in my sweats and warming up.  I had to be around to pick the girls up off the bus so I didn't have too much time to go anywhere after my super long run and  I was feeling a little tired.  The plan for the evening was that just our family was going out for dinner and then come home.  Quiet night - it was Wednesday.

As we were driving to the restaurant I said to the hubs "Let's just order a pizza and stay home".  I was completely ignored.  As we were parking I saw my parents, then my mother and father in-law.  Little did I know my husband had planned a surprise party for me.  Thank god I had my kids with me.  They were so excited and I really felt like the attention was focused on them not me.

My husband and I have agreed not to throw each other surprise parties.  That's why I take the day off work, so I can choose what I want to do and he doesn't have to worry about it.  Not that I don't like getting together with people, I just hate being the centre of attention.  Despite feeling this way I do have to admit that it is really nice to have people come out to have drink and wish you a happy birthday.

When I got into the restaurant this is what I walked into

When I got inside my running friends and my family were there.  I had been with all of them the night before and no one said anything.  I was babbling on and on about this run I was doing for my birthday and none of them said anything.  It was really great to see everyone and I had a great time.  Needless to say the night was much better than staying home with a pizza.

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