Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloween Hangover

If you're like most families with young kids this was probably the scene at your kitchen table last night..

 And maybe today you're not feeling so hot because you helped your kids get rid of some of that candy.  Or maybe I'm just lacking will power and its just me.  I really should be making sure I don't have anymore treats before the race... but those peanut M&M's are calling my name.  They can't be that bad... peanuts are nuts and nuts are good for you - right? 

Speaking of my training - I did have a bit of a scare over the weekend.  On Saturday night I woke up with major back pain and spasms.  All is well now, nothing a massage and ice - heat therapy can't take care of, but I have missed two runs in an otherwise perfectly executed training schedule.  I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that the extra time off allows me to be fully rested before my half in Hamilton this weekend and my marathon in Athens the following weekend.  I do hate missing my runs though. I just keep reminding myself that I'm actually ahead in my total mileage and there is nothing I can do now that will improve my ability to run next Sunday.  And in fact I could end up hurting myself more if I push it at this point. But man - it says to run 5k today.

Before my back started acting up I did go to the Twilight Zoo in Elora.  I ended up not going at night which would have been really cool as the figures are lit up, but it still looks amazing during the day.

Here are some pictures.

Dancing Devils... I think?
A witch caught in a spider web

Another spider

Guitar playing skeleton

A shark eating my oldest child
Tim Murton has worked really hard to put together an amazing display at the Elora Centre for the Arts.  There are also some of these characters in some stores throughout Elora. Its a lot of fun to just walk through the school yard and enjoy late fall sunshine with the kids.

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