Friday, 20 April 2012

A Birthday in NYC!!!!

Although its officially over, I'm still celebrating a little bit...  yesterday was my birthday. 

My day began with a 6am spin class.  Then I put the kids on the bus and Dan and I took off to the airport...

and flew into New York City!

This is my third time in New York and I feel like we are seasoned.  This time we are staying at the Downtown Marriott - close to Wall St.  In fact we can see the World Trade Centre Site from our hotel room.  Here's a picture from the ground...

We arrived at our hotel around 4pm, freshened up a bit and headed out for some serious shopping.  We hit Loehmann's (they offer a 15% discount on your birthday) and Century 21.  Usually I have great luck at Century - but not so much this time.  I did find a lot of clothes at Loehmann's if you were worried that my shopping wasn't successful.

After some whirlwind shopping, we headed out for dinner at Candle79  a great vegan restaurant that Dan found and picked out especially for my birthday.

I ordered the steamed spring rolls to start - these were filled with seitan and cashews and topped with bok choy and sesame seeds and a garlic ginger sauce.  I really enjoyed these and would have been content with this as my main course... but no I also ordered the evening special..

Pecan crusted seitan with brussell sprouts and celeriac mash topped with fennel salad - super good as well.  The seitan reminded my of veal, which was a strange texture for me to eat since it has been so long since I've eaten meat.  But the meal was still really good.

We were also served complementary appetizers which were white beans mixed with avocado on homemade tortillas

There was no room for dessert, maybe tomorrow I'll find a nice little bakery and get a treat.  For now... this old lady is going to bed.

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