Sunday, 22 April 2012

Racing in NYC - Run for the Parks

Right now I'm settled into my comfy clothes, suitcases unpacked and clothes in the drier.  I'm home!  But this morning I was up bright and early ready to race...

If you've followed my blog you'll know that I have a habit of sometimes being late for races.  That happened today as well.  I wasn't alone though.  There were several people on the same train I was on this morning headed to the race.  We all tried our best to slip into our corrals. 

But this race was big - maybe not by New York standards - but by mine it was huge.  There were 5,000 people signed up for this race.  Here's a picture of the start. 

It took me 10 minutes to get to the start line. I knew going into this race that it was going to be busy, so I settled in and enjoyed the run.  I didn't try to set a p.b. I took some race shots.

The race never thinned out - here is a shot of the 3 mile marker. 

The finish line.

After the race, I was stopped by a woman who had ran Around the Bay this year.  She recognized my shirt and stopped to tell me how much she enjoyed the race.  She had friends from Guelph!  Let's hear it.... "Its a Small World After all".

Here is me by the Columbus Circle post race.

The race t-shirt.

This race was so much fun, I'm so glad I ran it.  I'm also happy that I ran in Central Park - it was beautiful and today was the perfect racing temperature. 

All in all this was the best birthday ever!  I couldn't have asked for a better weekend, in a better location or better weather. 

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