Sunday, 25 March 2012

Around the Bay - the Relay

Around the Bay is over for another year... I really feel like this year was the best one yet.  I know I only ran the relay.. only 10k of the course... but it was the toughest 10k and I still got the glory of the finish line.

I also got to see the front runners run float by.  Seriously - I don't think their feet touched the ground.  It was pretty amazing to see Reid Coolsaet racing.  I am so thrilled for him that he won as well.  Amazing!

As for me and my team... how did we do...

Well here's pre-race...

and here's post race (thanks to Gina for the photo)

As I mentioned yesterday there were last minute substitutions so my chip time isn't actually mine... its Mike's - thank you Mike. 

My chip time was Katherine's... which was 51:57 which is a p.b. for me!!!! I know wtf a p.b. on the final leg of Around the Bay.  But yes... I did it by 12 seconds! And I made time to high five the little guy at the bottom of the hill from Hell.

Overall our team finished 15th overall out of 232 relay teams and 3rd overall for the mixed open.  Combined with a p.b. its an awesome way to start my racing year. 

I am planning on running the Good Friday Race, the Marden Marathon 5k and provided all of the stars are aligned a race somewhere super cool the following weekend.

Here's also why this race rocked... the best shirt for all four of the years I have ran it!

I should also thank Paul and Mike for filling in so that I was able to run in the race.  And congratulate Mark and Scott for running the whole 30k - they did a fantastic job.  And to Larry and Dorothy for running the 5k. Also a very special thanks to Katherine and Gina (my p.b. good luck charm) for cheering and all of their support! 

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  1. Really admire your healthy and active lifestyle! I just started getting into running! Looking forward to your training tips and running journey!