Saturday, 24 March 2012

Saturday Morning Coffee

See this...

this is the perfect cup of coffee... made by moi

I've been totally into this coffee. 

I am a bit of a coffee snob.  I only have one or two cups of coffee a day and I don't want to waste it on yucky coffee.

I know you're thinking big deal coffee, Saturday, whatever.  But here's why its a big deal.  Usually my Saturday morning coffee is at Hooligan's next to the store I run from.  Its great coffee too and a lot of fun to hang out with my running group for a bit drinking coffee as our sweat dries... wow... that sounds gross.

So today when I would normally be getting ready to go running sitting at my computer drinking coffee listening to the kids watch Saturday morning cartoons is a bit of a break from the routine...  I'm racing tomorrow, so I'm taking today off from running.  In a bit, I'll be hanging out with the girls maybe a trip to the mall is in order who knows.

I've had some major changes to my race plans and relay situation tomorrow.  First my team of Grand River Running Girls has been slightly modified... Its now Grand River Running Girl and Two Guys.  Two of the girls are injured/recovering and otherwise unable to run. 

My realy spot has now been changed from number 2 to number 3.  Meaning I get the horrible hill that starts around 20k and THE HILL around 25 k.  I do get to run downhill for the last 4k and into Copp's Coliseum.  But I will also be running 10.5k instead of an even 10.  My time goal is now switching from 54 min to under 1 hour.  We'll see.

I am really happy that I was able to get some last minute subs... and I'm super excited to see the lead runners come through... especially Reid Coolsaet!  I'll let know how things go tomorrow!

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