Sunday, 11 March 2012

Catching up

OK - I kind of fell out of the blogging world last week.  It had been my intention to pre-write a few recipes and post them throughout the week - but it didn't happen. 

I would like to say that I taught 6 classes in addition to working a full week and doing all of my usual yoga classes and training runs.  (Pat on the back).  I loved teaching.  My first few classes were OK, but I really felt like I had found my groove by Friday.  In fact after the class on Friday -two of the people said I should teach it every week.  It was the best compliment I could have received.

But Saturday morning I was zonked - who am I kidding - I was done by 4 pm on Friday.  Thankfully the beautiful weather woke me from my coma today.  I ran the funnest 12.5k I've ran in the longest time with my very first running friends - Scott & Katherine.  I feel re-engergized and back to myself.

I'm ready for my next exciting thing - the Foodie Penpal exchange - set up here

Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean as set up the amazing penpal exchange that pairs up 'foodies' from Canada and the US to send packages to each other on a monthly basis.  I'm so excited about this exchange - its great to get to know other bloggers and share ideas.

My foodie penpal is Pamela at The Pamcicle -

I've been shopping at a few places over the past week and can't wait to send her package off to her.

I've been paired up with another awesome blogger named Meghan at A Dash of Meg -

Both of these girls have fantastic blogs and they both live within a two hour drive of me.  I'm so excited to part of this exchange - did I say that already?

I will be posting some recipes soon... there will be some food changes around here - which will ultimately be for the better... more on that soon.

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