Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Its a Great Day for a Run

Do you know what these are?  

 Aside from ugly office carpet?  Muddy running shoes.  Yep - my responsible big sister shoes got a little dirty today.  It was a beautiful warm but windy run and the first one I've enjoyed outside for a while.  

With my teaching schedule this week, I've had to juggle a few of my workouts.  I swapped out yoga for run I'd planned for on Thursday.  I'm scheduled to teach two classes plus my scheduled yoga class tomorrow ... 4 workouts in one day might be over doing it... just saying.

I think I've said before how pleasantly surprised I've been with how supportive everyone has been with my new venture.  My class on Monday was a definite departure from what the class was normally taught.  I think the women liked it, but preferred a more structured class.

The spin class I taught last night was so much fun!  Everyone had a great workout and were sweating up a storm.  My playlist and the routine worked really well.  I'm teaching two more spin classes this week and am keeping the same routine.  I have one more cardio sculpt class to teach which I'm switching to a traditional aerobic style class.  I am also teaching a class at my work gym on Friday which will be full on H.I.I.T. boot camp style.

After that I will be having a giant nap.

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