Saturday, 7 May 2011

Attention drivers!!

Today was my second last long run before I start my taper.  I left my house at 6:15 this morning to a sky that looked like this

Don't worry this sun did rise and it was a beautiful day.  I ran a very slow 6.5 - 7k and met up with Tracey.  Her husband, Rick drove us to the middle of nowhere and left us for dead to run back on our own.  It was around 20k.  This was a tough run for me.  I started running too soon after eating and road we ran on was quite hilly.  I started to feel better after about 16k and by the 25k mark, I felt great.  I felt so awesome by the end of my run (30k) I decided to add another 2k.

One thing that did happen on my run was crazy drivers.  I need to clarify not all drivers, some (I would estimate around 30%) do move over to the left and slow down.  But a majority don't.  Tracey and I were joking that the people not moving over were so mesmerized by our beauty that they couldn't take their eyes off of us.  I know around 24k into a run I am the picture of hotness.  After I left Tracey and headed home down a road where a white line is to protect walkers, runners and cyclists from speeding vehicles my close encounters didn't end.

I am just as guilty as the next person for driving fast and by no means a perfect driver.  You can ask most people I know, I am perpetually late.  As a result I am generally speeding to get to the next place I have to be at.  As a driver, parent and all around busy person I know it sometimes feels like a race to get to the next day of work, kids activity or function.  But when I see someone running or biking I give them as much space as possible and if there is an oncoming car I slow down.

It doesn't matter if the person doesn't move over or wave in gratitude for my consideration.  Think about it.... hitting someone with your car will ruin your day.  I think the solution to the creating more considerate or conscientious drivers is for everyone to get off their asses.  That's right people  - get out and walk, run bike.  Take your life into your own hands and see what its like to have cars speeding past you at 95km/h while you teeter on the edge of a gravel shoulder and the edge of the ditch for safety.  It will be an adrenal rush you've never experienced before... or at least make you a better driver.

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