Saturday, 28 May 2011

Tourists in Ottawa

We toured around in two of the places we haven't spent much time in during our previous visits to the Nation's capital. The Byward market and the Parliament buildings. In the afternoon we had a bit of a rest in the hotel and then we watched the 10k race before going out for dinner.

We were both quite the shutterbugs today.

The Byward market

Where I bought une banane actually trios

A funky little courtyard

I'm getting ready to run Parliament - hee

Some random ruining my shot

Inside Parliament

View from the Peace Tower

A few detailed shots of the building

Then we watched the race. I know it sounds hooky but I actually had chills when the runners went by.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

On our way to dinner I found a lucky penny.

And at dinner I had my palms read

I'm an active person who has trouble sitting still..... she's good!

Actually she said a lot of interesting things I including that this year will bring a lot of change for me so we'll see. But for now it's time for bed - I have a very early start tomorrow.

Good luck wishes to Rick and Tracey in Buffalo.

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