Saturday, 14 May 2011

Spring on the Trail

Today the Kissing Bridge Trailway Association held its first and hopefully annual Spring on the Trail event.  The plan was to roll out a fun filled few hours of hiking, running, dog walking, biking and bird house building.  The good news.... it was fun.  The not so good news it was soggy.

Fortunately everyone had cover.

Opening Ceremonies

Participants being piped in for the trail walk

Mike and Matt from Grand River Running came to lead a 5k run.  I can honestly say that it was the best run I've ever had on the trail.  Albeit the only run I've ever had, but still awesome nonetheless.

This trail is a great trail for a flat straight run.  The surroundings change frequently enough to keep your run interesting and there are plenty of parking sections along the course of the trail to allow you to run different sections.  Although you have to drive to the trail, there is no traffic to contend with and roads the trail crosses are not too busy.  The Kissing Bridge Trailway is 45km in length, but some of the bridges are out so you need to be ready to detour onto roads for some sections.

Below is the link for the Spring on the Trail event which occurred today and the website for the Kissing Bridge Trailway is underdevelopment and will be ready June 2011. 

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