Wednesday, 4 May 2011


I have discovered a new love for yoga.  I used to take weekly yoga classes prior to having children.  I started with Bikram's yoga and  tried kundalini yoga.  I always thought other types of yoga were too laid back or not enough of a workout.  When I started working out again a couple of years ago I would do the occasional yoga video.  Usually the Biggest Loser Yoga.  I enjoyed it, but would rather have ran or do another type of workout.

All of that type of thinking changed at the start of this year.  I had a new type of schedule for my Around the Bay race.  I was only to run three days a week, (I switched it to four days a week) with cross-training and strength training alternating running days.  At my gym yoga was offered one day a week - Wednesdays.  It was perfect that Wednesday was on the schedule to be my strength training day.  The style of yoga I do now is hatha or vinyasa yoga, its a great counter to running.  And guess what - its a workout.

My instructor knows that I run as do a lot of people in the class so she focuses on hip opening stretches.  Because I have been doing yoga regularly for over four months now I notice a huge difference in my flexibility.  My core is also much stronger.  I really believe that the reason I have been able to train for long distances for almost six months straight is because of my yoga practice.  I usually run through a quick routine everyday.  Below is a link to a YouTube video I enjoy.

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