Sunday, 1 May 2011

Spring has Sprung - fingers crossed

This is what it looked like yesterday.  And I thought - Finally!  Its spring.  It was beautiful - sunny and 17 degrees.

Today its a different story.  Grey and rainy, but at least the temperature is in the double digits.  Its fine with me, because Sundays are my rest day.  And I'm in the mood for a lazy day with my girls.

The weather yesterday was perfect for my long run which am get up during the week.  However - I know its good for me... I need to keep telling myself that.  The marathon start time in Ottawa is 7am so I need to be used to running that early in the morning.

I the first 5k and the last 7k of my run on my own. In the middle I met up with this girl - the smiling one in the orange shirt.

Tracey is training for the Buffalo half which is the same day as Ottawa and we are doing a portion of our long runs together.  This gives me a good mix of running a part of my long run on my own and some with company.  Tracey is a good runner and has posted some great times in races in the past year.  She is speedy Gonzales on hills and speed training and always pushes me to run faster.  And as an added bonus she's great company and a good listener.

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