Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Celebration Dinner at Mill Street Bakery & Bistro

This weekend I completed one of my requirements for my Personal Trainer certification. I took my First Aid and CPR course.  I would be lying if I said this course was exciting.  But this course also gave me a new found respect for all of the St. John Ambulance volunteers I see at the races.  They have to sit through many more hours of these courses and actually apply what they've learned.  And they are doing it all for free.

In addition to completing this course, I also found out that I passed my theory exam for my PT certification.  I didn't realize until I received the email Saturday morning telling me I passed exactly how much waiting for my results had been weighing on my mind.  So I did it.. I passed with a 93%!  Ya me!!!  Now all I have to do is complete the practical part.  But I won't think about that for now.

Tonight we went out and celebrated at a local restaurant that opened in 2011 called Mill Street Bakery & Bistro. I've purchased cupcakes from the bakery portion of this restaurant but never eaten in the restaurant.  Scenery-wise the best time of year to eat here would be the summer or anytime you could be on the patio.  That wasn't an option for us tonight.  The decor inside is ok although there is nice local artwork on display.

The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful regarding the menu.  From a vegetarian perspective, the menu choices are quite limited - with only two entire selections.  I'm sure if I had asked modifications could have been made to the menu. 

It didn't matter as I chose to have their Fire pot which was a curried vegetable and bean mixture topped with fruit and served with a side (read super thick slice of fresh homemade bread).  This dish was very good.  My husband even enjoyed it the curry.  The portions was generous as well - I had enough to take home for my lunch tomorrow.

Dan order the Wild West burger with fries.  He also enjoyed his meal.  As you can see, the burger is hand made.  The fries were amazing.  If I ever have a craving for fries that I can't shake this is exactly where I'll be headed.

When we paid, we standing in front of the bakery counter and couldn't leave empty handed.  Dan took a butter tart that he ate before I could get a picture and I left with this...

Its called Mary's Mistake.  The story behind this dessert is they (I'm assuming Mary) accidentally used shortbread dough as tart crusts.  The dough didn't stay together and they didn't want to throw it out so they created these squares.  Basically these squares have a chocolate cake crumb base, butter tart filling with shortbread pieces and chocolate chips mixed through and topped with more chocolate chips.  Sweet mother... this is amazing but beyond rich.  Invite 6 people over to eat this.

As for me for the rest of the evening - I'll be on the elliptical to work off this dessert and missing my run yesterday.

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