Friday, 20 January 2012

Lunch at The Works

Today at lunch I skipped my planned metabolic workout to have a eating workout at The Works. Which has newly opened in downtown Guelph.  Because this restaurant is new - its pretty busy especially at lunch. 

Our server was pretty good.  The menu is quite complex.  Basically burgers, but also salads, poutine, drinks and desserts.  With the burger selection though there is a page and a half of topping selections along with your choice of burger type and sides.

I went to lunch with my friends Katherine and Carey.  I had previewed the menu first so I had a good idea what I wanted but if I hadn't I would have taken a long time to decide.

Katherine and I started with milkshakes.  I ordered a chocolate shake with double fudge.  It was awesome.  The double fudge was an extra chocolate burst every now and then.  I love the fact that the drinks come in a measuring cup.

I ordered the veggie pesto pizazz burger with sweet potato fries.  The veggie burger is a typical soy veggie burger, but the toppings were great.  My burger came with pesto, sun dried tomatoes, black olives and brie cheese.  I love this combination.  The sweet potato fries were standard.  I also had the beach sauce to dip my fries in.  The only way I can describe the sauce as was weird.  It tasted like a strange salad dressing.  I wished I'd just ordered a side salad and not wasted the extra calories on fries.

Katherine ordered the Groovy Gryphon. It came with avocado, bacon and Gouda cheese She said it needed mayo or a sauce or something.  She had the same opinion about the sweet potato fries that I did.  But all of the toppings were fresh and the presentation looked nice.

Carey ordered the Olive Oyl.  It came with black olives, spinach, tomatoes, garlic sauce, and feta cheese.  She said it was ok as well.  The last time she ate there she ordered the pesto pizazz and would order that burger again.  Carey ordered the spicy die cut chips as a side which are like potato chips but made to order.  She really liked these and would order them again.

I would go back - and maybe try the onion rings and a different burger.  I usually have a two visit rule for restaurants.  I also found the staff very helpful.  I think its pretty clear that staffing is a priority for the restaurant which always makes for a good dining experience.  The decor of the restaurant is fun - it looks like a factory sort of with chain link fencing.

All in all I would return to this restaurant again if I was in the mood for a burger and I'd recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fun burger and fries type dining experience.

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