Friday, 13 January 2012

Wild Thing....

I felt a bit like a kid on Christmas eve last night... only to be let down with the gift that wasn't quite what I wanted.  You see I really needed new running shoes - I mean really.  I ordered shoes at Grand River Running, but because it was the order time between spring and fall lines, I had to wait until the shoes came in from where ever they are made.

So after weeks of waiting - my new shoes finally arrived.  I was so excited I almost skipped my run to just try them on.  But I didn't.  When I returned to the store after the run and opened the box the new shoes were in; well let's just say it wasn't what I expected.

What to do.... shoes I've been waiting weeks for... and they were a bit... LOUD.  Not that I've ever shied away from living loud... parts of me can live loud... like my earrings, or maybe a red pair of Maryjane's, but balanced with a neutral (read all black) outfit. 

These shoes are literally one of a kind and I've been assured that I am the only person in southern Ontario with a pair. (I think it may remain that way for a while).  I've slept on my disappointment and decided to embrace it...

My new shoes scream I AM FAST!  Which is a good thing for me. I`m not sure the name MIzuno gave them, but I`m calling them `Wild Thing`

So in celebration of my new shoes I will also post pictures of me doing the Wild Thing Yoga pose which is tied with the Dancer pose as my favourite all time pose.

Start with a downward facing dog....

Turn it into a three legged-dog....

Flip over and unleash your wild thing.... (I think it feels crazier than it looks)

Oh.... right.... the shoes.... you tell me - Wild Thing?

I will be getting another pair of shoes to offset my wild thing shoes... they will not be so wild... a little boring to balance out the crazy.

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