Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Live From Athens - its Tuesday night!

After 14 hours of travel we arrived at our hotel in Athens around 2pm. We freshened up and skyped the girls before heading out to see some of the sites in the city. We were also trying to not fall asleep after being up for over 24 hours. It's my goal to stay awake until 8 pm tonight ( I have 45 minutes to go). Then I will go to bed and hopefully reset my body clock.

We're staying at a newly boutique hotel that we booked months ago for an awesome price. It is prett basic but it has a fridge and kettle so I can keep my water cold and have tea. Whoever said Europeans are more laid back than North Americans has never experienced a cab ride in Athens - wow! Stop signs are merely a suggestion. Despite the crazy driving which is really no secret, this city has a funky vibe. My blogging was interrupted earlier to listen to some guy playing an accordion down the street and playing it well I might add.

Here are a few shots from my balcony this afternoon. There will be much better pictures next week.

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