Monday, 14 November 2011

Post Athens Marathon wrap up

To celebrate our run last night Dan, Rick and Tracey and another couple who joined us in Athens to watch the marathon - Brad and Carey went out for dinner. Dan and Brad had found a restaurant that played live Greek music earlier in the day.

We enjoyed ouzo before our meal and an interesting combination of Greek liqueurs after. A table of twenty something's were also at the restaurant. They danced to several of the Greek songs. They invited us to join them. Despite finishing her first marathon, Tracey was the only one who had the nerve to join them. And wow - that girl can dance!

Needless to say, it was a, rather slow morning for everyone. Tracey had found a vegetarian restaurant on line before we left Canada that we hadn't tried called Avocado. So we headed out to it for lunch. This is what I had with my lunch

Ginger beet juice - exactly what my liver needed today!

This restaurant was the perfect follow up to a week of eating Greek food in restaurants. I had read online before the trip that there were a lot a vegetarian options in Greek restaurants, but what I found was there were no "meals" and I ended up eating appetizers as my main dish. The only problem with ordering food that way was it tended to come out before everyone else's food. But I do have to say the Greek salads here were amazing.

This was our last day in Greece and the weather was very cold. We bundled up and walked around a bit, packed and now it's early to bed. Our wake up call is 4 am tomorrow before 12 hours worth of flying. It will be good to be home and see my girls.

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