Friday, 4 November 2011

Getting Ready for Greece

So to clarify for anyone who cares - my racing schedule over the next couple of weekends is...

Sunday November 6th - Road 2 Hope half

Monday - leave for Greece

Sunday November 13th - Athens Classic Marathon full

When I first mentioned these plans to people the usual reactions I got was "Wow - you're crazy"  or "You're insane".  I believe I was even called an animal...  I'm sure he was referring to this image

This is, by the way, my race face.
I really didn't think twice about leaving for a foreign country the day after running a half marathon let alone following it up the weekend after with a full.  I though of the back to back races as a challenge and I decided would just roll with it.  Several times throughout this training program I have questioned my sanity, but I persevered thanks to the help of my family and friends.

Tonight I have finally cleared off my work to do list.  If I've missed anything - oops.

My vacation to-do list looks like this

Not too bad.  My clothes are all picked out and neatly folded and ready to pack.  My goal is to have everything ready to by tomorrow.  I am considering Sunday the start of my vacation.

Speaking of vacations - we needed to buy a new suitcase.  This is the lock it came with

Who is this supposed to stop?  We did replace it with a much brighter lock that looks a little more resilient.

This lock is going to be like my racing mentality on Sunday. Tough and green?  Maybe not.

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