Thursday, 3 November 2011

Pre-Race - nothingness

I ran 6k last night.  It was my first run in 6 days.  I felt pretty good, my back only had a few twinges.  I wasn't as fast as I would have liked to have been, but I finished strong.  I'll run another 5k tonight and then rest until the race on Sunday.

At my half marathon clinic last night, we had a talk about prepping for the race - packing your bag, having your departure time figured out, arranging for kit pick up - stuff like that.  This race hadn't made me really nervous until the talk - suddenly I major jitters.  I think it was because I realized how unprepared mentally I was for everything I am about to do.  Oh - and I also thought the race was at 9 am, but its at 8:30.  At least I found out now.

After my run I met up with my lifelong friend Marie for and we talked about the upcoming race and my trip and what an adventure everything was going to be over the next couple of weeks.  I realized again how silly my pre-race nerves are.  SO I've decided to feel nothing about the race.

When I got home, I packed my race day bag and picked up my running outfit and put the thought of the preparing part of the race out of my head.... until I went to sleep.  Last night I dreamed I ran the race, but it started in the middle of nowhere.  AND I was an hour late.  When I got to the start line though it didn't matter, because the clocks had gone back so I was actually on time.  They were even serving coffee at the start line so I had one.  Then the race went great and I finished in my goal time.  Weird or a good omen?

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