Monday, 28 December 2015

2015 Wrap Up

One of my favourite things between Christmas and New Year's is the quiet that happens (sometimes) and the chance to reflect on the past year before looking ahead.  2015 was a year of teaching and growth for me.  There were as expected in life some low points but more importantly, many more highs.

Here are a few....

New Year's Resolutions.... we'll see how the year I planned out went...The official start to my business...

Winter camping in Killarney... not sure if I'll do this again...  The hiking was great..... camping conditions.... not so much.

Montreal - This is the only picture I could find from my trip... but it was a lot of fun.

 Camping at Point Pelee 

My amazing niece!! 

My attempts at painting

Stand up paddle boarding + yoga!

Last but not least my trip outside of Vegas.

There were plenty of other accomplishments.... my writing course, jumping off a bridge, numerous trips to the beach all mixed in with a lot of hard work.

2015 has been full of surprises and wonderful times.  This has probably been my biggest year for personal growth and I really am excited for what is coming up next in my life.  The greatest lesson I've learned this year is to lessen the expectations I have for myself and just be open to opportunities and experiences around me.  And perhaps most importantly to just......

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