Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Big News - for me at least!

Remember a week or so ago when I said my friend Gina came over and I'd talk about our discussion later well...
yesterday a package came in the mail for me

and inside were these !!

 OK not quite as hip looking as I had hoped but still exciting for me nonetheless.  

In case you haven't guessed I've decided to take a personal training course.  I've been talking about signing up for this course for almost a year now.  Whether I switch careers and become a personal trainer or not isn't really on the horizon.  But I am really excited about starting something new and learning ways to improve my overall fitness and knowledge.

The timing of the course has meant a few changes to my overall running plans for the rest of the year.  I had almost signed up for the Boxing Day Race in Hamilton, but when I was at Gina's party, she mentioned she was going to take this course and I asked if I could tag along.  The course runs from December 27-29th and is in Toronto so I felt I couldn't drag my family to a race and then leave them for three days during the holidays.  

We are actually going to work this into a bit of a get away for the girls.  We'll be staying in the big smoke for two nights.  Dan will take the girls to the ROM and an ice show while I'm at the course and then we'll all go swimming and hang out in the evening.  Gina is staying at the same hotel and is an 'Aunt' to my girls so they will be thrilled.

I'm really hoping that I learn techniques in this course to help balance the stress running puts on my body.  I am also hoping to get strong in other areas besides my legs (ie my upper body) and hopefully improve my overall running skills.  As the year is winding down, I've been reflecting on my past accomplishments and missed goals and where I want to go for next year.  I think I'm going to look at this course as an early New Year's resolution.  The timing of this course has also created a bit of extra work for me during this Christmas season because I have to review the course material before the classes start.   Oh well, at least I find this stuff interesting.

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