Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Day 2... and feeling it.

Well its 8:53 and I am ready to crash.  Yesterdays early morning wake up and a full day of working out has taken its toll.  Today we learned or re-learned proper techniques for weight lifting and cardio machines as well as alternate forms of exercise.  It was a lot to learn and very interesting.  I've been finding myself thinking about my training and how building strength in the areas I've neglected will help me with my running.  Its tough to try to come up with a plan to take the time to build strength and fit in the training I want to do for my races.

Since I'm no allowed to post pictures in the gym I took a picture to my lunch. 

Thrilling I know - a veggie burger with grilled veggies from Casey's.  I would not recommend this lunch before a maximum heart rate test... just saying.

While I was busy learning how to train people at the gym, Dan and the girls went to the Science Centre.  He sent all kinds of pictures of the girls playing and learning. 

Whoo - cool picture. It was a great day for them.  Tomorrow they are going to see Disney on Ice before heading home.

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